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Aaron Nunley
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"I can see what's happening across 3 teams, and save 15% of my time daily. More insight for stand ups, and a lot less 1:1 check ins throughout the day."
James Schindler
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"This automates the parts of my workflow I hate, like combing through Jira. Helps me be more proactive instead of reactive."
Aaron Craig
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Know what's going on without the clutter or the check-ins

Get information faster on project updates and changes with fewer meetings, fewer clicks, and fewer emails.

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Get to answers faster and communicate with team members and stakeholders more effectively.
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Bring information together from across tools with codeless automation.
Staat - Github

Jira Cloud

Filters, notifications, and organized views from across project boards.


See pull request activity layered next to ticket data for quick insight.


See pull request activity layered next to ticket data for quick insight.


See pull request activity layered next to ticket data for quick insight.

Google Calendar


See calendar activity to better understand meeting time vs. work time.

Simple, connection-based pricing

Our pricing is designed to scale with your projects.
Your price is based on the # of boards you want Staat to read.

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  • Unlimited repos
  • Standard configuration
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  • Connect up to 10 Jira project boards
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited repos
  • Custom configuration
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I have both scrum and kanban boards, will Staat work?

Yes! We designed Staat to adapt to how you're using your project management boards and analyze from there. Scrum, Kanban, custom swim lanes - Staat can handle it.

Is Staat free?

Staat is free for 1 project board. You can connect up to 10 project boards for only $35/mo.

Can I create filters for multiple boards in one view?

Yes, we built Staat to read across, analyze, and organize updates from multiple project boards. You can also see across boards in 1 dashboard with stackable filters.

What tools can I connect to Staat?

Currently, you can connect your Jira Cloud and connected Github repos.
You can also suggest your preferred tool here:

Will Staat support my custom swim lanes in Jira?

Yes. Staat automatically adapts to how you’ve set up your project management systems and processes.

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