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Staat - Action Items

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How it works

Connect your apps

Easily connect Github and Jira when you set up your account.

Add your team(s)

Launch your team dashboard by selecting project boards and repositories you want updates from.

Put Staat to work

Get real-time, organized updates and notifications.

Unblock teams faster and keep work moving foward.

Efficient and autonomous engineering teams are run by aware and strategic managers. Stop digging for updates across dev tools and start making strategic decisions on the fly.  

A single, organized dashboard summarizing your team's work, potential problems & more. Know who needs support and run effective stand ups with its Flow view. Powerful bug, key issue, and scope tracking. And this is just the start.
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    Real-time flow

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    Alerts & Notifications

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    Added Scope Tracking

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    Automated Action Items

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    Key Issues Watch List

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    Bug Tracking

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    Status Updates

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    Pull Requests

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    Easy set up (Really)

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    Blazingly fast

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Staat is an engineer-first tool built alongside managers at

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“This is exactly what frontline managers need to become more effective managers.”
Aaron Nunley
Senior Software Engineering Manager - Eventbrite
“I can use this across all three of the teams I manage, and save 15% of my time daily.”
James Schindler
Engineering Manager
“This automates parts of my workflow so I can be proactive instead of reactive. Very excited to see where this goes.”
Aaron Craig
Engineering Manager - Honey

Staat gives busy managers a clear, real-time view on what's happening with development work without too much or too little data.

One place, connecting info from Jira and Github, to understand team progress and performance.


A beautiful experience with an easy set up. Launch your first inbox in under 10-min.


Go from scattered tools and manual spreadsheets to a centralized data hub.


See a clear picture of what’s happening to make improvements.


Accelerate your management and development process with progress analytics.
Staat Action Items Board

A reporting tool empowering better, easier management

Staat value proposition checks

Avoid unnecessary meetings and disruptions

Eliminate one-off meetings and disrupting developers to get updates. Get updates from scattered tools and people in one place.
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Gain the right level of visibility as a busy manager

Not too high-level, not too granular - right in the middle. Get a pulse on the work that’s happening with your team.
Staat value proposition checks

De-weaponize analytics with developers

Staat gives you a team-centric view of progress. Make Staat a resource for stand ups and retrospectives meetings.
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Improve your process and team performance

Streamline your workflow by automating data gathering. Staat helps you drill down into Github and Jira much more efficiently.
Staat value proposition checks

Give clearer, more actionable feedback

By having meaningful insight on what's happening with the work, you can speak directly to issue areas or project bottlenecks.
Staat value proposition checks

Enable better collaboration

Understand clearly where dependencies lie within your team, help everyone stay unblocked to keep projects running smoothly.

Boost your reporting experience with Staat. Try it for free.

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Staat is the easiest way to stay updated on what’s going on with your engineering team. Get contextualized, meaningful updates from your everyday tools. All in one simple, beautiful view.

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