Mission control for engineering management.

Staat gives you one easy-to-use place to quickly see engineering notifications, risks, and progress from across the tools you rely on.
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Connects with:
Github Staat Integration
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Quickly see what you need to see

From 10 tabs to 1

Staat curates quick project and team insights from the tools you drown in everyday into "Views," giving you the answers you need when you need them.

Consolidated project boards. Streamlined notifications. Time boxed issue movement. Custom views with powerful issue filters.

  • Streamline cross-tool notifications to one place
  • Effortlessly see ticket movement
  • Set custom work schedules
  • Consolidated high priority views
  • Filters to quickly find or narrow in on issues
  • Incredibly easy set up

A new home for engineering progress

With the dedicated Movement view, easily understand what's moved around project boards without unnecessary data.

  • See where work stands every morning
  • Eliminate numerous 1:1 check-ins throughout the day
Staat movement view

Staat is yours - built for your flow, your focus, your privacy, your peace of mind, your speed, and an easier work day.

Staat - stay in sync

Connect your apps in minutes

Designed with your time and privacy in mind. We’ve made it easy to connect your tools to Staat in just a few steps.

Connects with:
Github Staat Integration
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What others think

Aaron Nunley
Sr. Engineering Manager
"This is exactly what frontline managers need to save time in their day while becoming more effective managers."
James Schindler
Engineering Manager
"I can see what's happening across 3 teams, and save 15% of my time daily. More insight for stand ups, and a lot less 1:1 check ins throughout the day."
Aaron Craig
‍Engineering Manager
"This automates the parts of my workflow I hate, like combing through Jira. Helps me be more proactive instead of reactive."

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