Empowering more productive, happier engineering teams.

Bringing better visibility and effective planning to engineering teams.

We are on a mission to empower more productive and happier autonomous engineering teams.
Staat Vision Mobile
We believe better visibility and better planning will lead to more productive, more communicative, and less stressed development teams.

The consistent gap between engineering leaders and individual contributors is one of the biggest impediments of development progress.

Teams where everyone stays in sync, productive, and stress-free will usher in a new kind of innovation the world has yet to see.

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Hi, we're Staat!

How we got to building "the command center" for engineering work

In our current way of work, gaining the knowledge / answers to successfully run engineering projects is incredibly cumbersome and time consuming.

Most of our problem with engineering management stems from the lack of tools designed to capture the nuances of what engineering management really is therefore putting managers at a disadvantage and companies always a little behind.
Most knowledge management tools are more beautiful, complex notepads. But they aren't intelligent in the way that data is captured and presented.

Staat takes knowledge management to the next level with a truly integrated approach – contextualized data, smart views, consolidated dashboard. From knowledge storage to knowledge automation.

Forging an automated, ethical future

At Staat we believe in three things: beautiful design, leveraging intelligence to be better, and automating workflows where we can.

Our vision is to combine these three to make the lives of technologists easier. Our focus is getting all of the information from the tools you use every day to one simple, beautiful place to help you be more productive and save time.

We believe that a tool can both empower and protect an individual thus making the team and organization better. That's our stance - in our product and our company.
We're dead set on building a company with the world's most diverse, smartest, and most creative talent to transform how we leverage design, data management, and automation to give super powers to technologists around the world.

We are committed to keeping it that way: a small powerful team working efficiently, prioritizing user needs and our beliefs ruthlessly, under no other incentive than building the best possible products for its users.


Staat is a remote bootstrapped company. HQ in Atlanta, with team members in Seattle and San Fran.
Amanda Sabreah - Staat Co-Founder

Amanda Sabreah

Product & Co-Founder

Paul Mun - Staat Co-Founder

Paul Mun

Engineering & Co-founder

David Kyle Choe - Staat Co-Founder

David Kyle Choe

Marketing & Co-founder


We're small with a lot of conviction about building a more equitable and happier world.


Being conscious of your character, motives, knowledge, and desires.


The ability to find solutions through adversity. The ability to fight for ideas.


Putting different perspectives, backgrounds, and abilities at the core of decision-making.


The natural hunger to explore and learn more.


The ability to seek out what's next and get it done.


The ability to be gentle in times of difference.




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