About Staat
Staat is a remote, bootstrapped company with a growing team. HQ in Atlanta, but you can find us in Seattle, Raleigh, and San Francisco.

Staat looks a little different, doesn’t it?
It’s unlike any other engineering analytics tools you’ve used before no more preset dashboards, no more data-overload.

Instead, it's just updates and retros.

We believe traditional performance analytics and survey-style status updates are toxic for teams when used as project alignment solutions. Here’s why:

1. Prioritization: It makes it impossible to identify the right tasks to prioritize. All tasks look the same regardless of their estimates.

2. Data Overload: It's overwhelming. There's a lack of direction, no past or future. Just a pile of data that needs to be dissected.

3. Transparency: Counting the number of completed tasks or lines of code is not progress. It's impossible to see who’s working on what, their progress, and what’s next.

Because of this, teams use and overuse meetings and stand-ups to get aligned on progress, status, and next steps.

Using Staat, that changes.

You can fully understand what’s happening with your projects and build up momentum by focusing on milestones instead of distant deadlines.

You can see where things stand, visualize progress and quantify improvements. Meetings and engineer input are not required to stay in-sync.

Staat is a new kind of analytics solution that allows managers to focus on one priority at a time with peace of mind.

It is a tool that delivers the transparency needed to improve team communications, information flow, and workflow efficiency.

Staat takes you where you need to go in less time and clearer vision.

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Meet Us:
Half of David, half of Paul, and a side profile of Amanda.

(This is the only picture we have 😬)

Here's what we value


Being conscious of your character, motives, knowledge, and desires.


The ability to fight through and recover from adversity.


Putting different perspectives, backgrounds, generations, abilities, and heritages at the core of decision-making.


The natural hunger to explore and learn more.


The ability to think about how your actions might affect others.


The ability to be gentle in times of difference.

Snack size facts

Staat was founded by Amanda, Paul, and David. We’re based in Atlanta and Seattle with a love for food, design, travel and culture.

Our goal is to help accelerate the rate of innovation and opportunity for all people using simplified data.

Our next hires will be a UX Designer & Full-Stack Developer to help collaborate on shipping features. Figma, React, Node Js. Your jam?
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