Staat gives you the answers you need when you need them to keep the work going.

How does Staat improve my process?

Staat does all the work for you. Get aligned in the morning, use it as a quick-glance tool before meetings, share the view with developers to stay on the same page, plan with a clear view of where the project stands.

Will I get updates in real-time?

Yes, as developers push updates to various tools Staat will capture those updates and alert you in real-time.

How secure is Staat?

At Staat, your privacy and security is our priority. Staat uses oAuth to authenticate with your 3rd-party accounts. We do not store any of your data. The only action that Staat takes on your accounts are those necessary to read updates made by your team.

Does it work with scrum or kanban?

Yes. Hub filters and work cycle/sprint timing will adjust to how you currently manage your team.

Will it support custom fields, swimlanes, and workflows?

Yes. Staat to automatically adapts to how you’ve set up your project management systems and processes.

What tools can I connect?

Currently, you can connect Jira Cloud and Github.
*more tools coming soon*

How much does it cost?

Our private beta pricing is $50 per team hub / month.

You can check out pricing here.

What's included with a start up account?

Connect up to 1 Jira project board to your team hub. Unlimited team size. Ticket/issue alerts. Stand up updates. Key issues watch list. Bug tracking. Click-down links. Automated action items. Repeat issue tracking. And more.

Do you support Jira cloud
or self-hosted?

Currently, we only support Jira cloud.

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Staat is the easiest way to stay updated on what’s going on with your engineering team. Get contextualized, meaningful updates from your everyday tools. All in one simple, beautiful view.

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