Taking the guesswork out of engineering management.

Engineering metrics that start at the front-line. We call this Middle Metrics™. Imagine understanding project change, blockers, lag areas, acceleration and more. That's Staat.
“This is exactly what frontline managers need to become more effective managers.”
Aaron Nunley
Senior Software Engineering Manager - Eventbrite
“I can use this across all three of the teams I manage, and save 15% of my time daily.”
James Schindler
Engineering Manager - Pager Duty
“This automates parts of my workflow so I can be proactive instead of reactive. Very excited to see where this goes.”
Aaron Craig
Engineering Manager - Honey

One powerful, simple view.

Simplify your workflow and reduce complexity. Staat enables greater visibility with our one-two-punch strategy: the perfect amount of data, shown in the most contextual, helpful way.

We know being able to see where you’re going is just as important as seeing how fast you’re getting there.
Staat Product
Staat Alerts

Smart, adaptable alerts.

Get the information you need at the right time. Our granular alerts serve to help you ask the right questions and investigate issues backed by the most relevant data.

Set the alerts to match your team’s workflow and cadence, and remove the noise in the process. We’ll ping you at the right times, and not all the time.

Key issue tracking

Keep track of your most important tasks, bugs, and issues from one place. From blockers to highest point and priority issues, and even added scope, you can see clearly what’s holding your team back, and what you can do to move them forward.
Staat Issue Tracking

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Staat is the easiest way to stay updated on what’s going on with your engineering team. Get contextualized and meaningful updates that help you drive your teams forward while streamlining your workflows. All in one simple, balanced view.


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