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engineering team 2x faster

Staat centralizes your engineering projects by bringing together the most important data from your overloaded project boards and tools.
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Github Staat Integration
Staat_Notifications - Demo

Centralize your bloated project boards and git repo data to one master place.

Reduce your effort by seeing scattered info in one place.

Prevent mistakes by exposing what gets you stuck fast.

Peace of mind with less context-switching and no tab management.

Speed up how you sync and understand your engineering projects. Connect apps like Jira and Github to quickly see and narrow in on what needs your attention through one or multiple dashboards.

Engineering management is tough.
Unlock a frictionless workflow.

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After Staat


Never miss a thing

Don't worry about digging through multiple tools and tabs to keep up with what's going on. Centralize your engineering projects and gain additional insight from one place.
"I can see what's happening across 3 teams, and save 15% of my time daily. More insight for stand ups, and a lot less 1:1 check ins throughout the day."
James Schindler
Engineering Manager

Meet your new project home

Project board + git repo data,  layered together. Horizontal and vertical visibility across projects in one place.
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Staat-Project Home

Customize to your workflow

Make Staat yours by configuring dashboards to fit your management workflow.
  • Edit boards and repo connections
  • Customize notifications
  • Set timezone schedules by team
  • Set prioirty tracking standards
Staat-Team Configuration

Ditch 100's of
email notifications

Clean up your email inbox. Get all your notifications in one streamlined view.
"This automates the parts of my workflow I hate, like combing through Jira. Helps me be more proactive instead of reactive."
Aaron Craig
Sr. Engineering Manager

Sync across timezones

The easiest way to sync with remote teams. See what’s changed in the last work day.
"This is exactly what frontline managers need to save time in their day while becoming more effective managers."
Aaron Nunley
Sr. Engineering Manager
Staat-Daily Change

Integrated with your apps

Centralize issues, pull requests, priority work in one single place and build your perfect flow.
Staat - Github

Jira Cloud

Coming soon

Launch Staat

Try Staat Private Beta for free.
Available for Jira Cloud - Github coming soon.
Try Staat Beta for free

Try it for free.

Start out on a Staat free tier to test drive how automated knowledge management can make your day easier.
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