get ahead & stay ahead

with an all-in-one sync tool

get ahead & stay ahead with an all-in-one sync tool.

With Staat, import your tools and see across them faster and easier than ever.Β 
Dynamic alerting, custom filters, and data querying to see what you need - when you need it.Β 

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With Staat, import your tools and see across them faster and easier than ever.Β 
Dynamic alerting, custom filters, and data consolidation to see what you need when you need it.
Staat connects you to what's happening in your engineering pipeline so you can improve process, eliminate misalignments, and ship work that matters.

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Managers spend an average of 350 hours a year, 7 hours a week, and 1.5 hours a day on syncing: meetings, digging through multiple tools, meetings, slack channels, meetings.

‍Staat's here to cut this in half.


Know where work stands in a split second

Know where work stands at lightspeed.



Data sources like project boards + code repositories



Review alerts and updates from one interface easily.



Recall faster, grow knowledge over time, and improve communication.


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Remote Sync

Stay up to date with what’s happening despite working across timezones and locations.

Multi-team sync

Make managing multiple teams and engineers easier with dynamic sync dashboards for each.

Multi-work sync

Keep up with team and personal work with dynamic dashboards, filters, and more.

Async - sync

Work autonomously. Improve your process by customizing updates how you want.
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Say goodbye to hours of piecing shit together.

Context. Streamlined.

Dynamic alerts and updates powered by fine-grained triggers and automated at data querying. Β 

Quickly understand development change and the invisible connections in your work from across tools.

Smart views for fast navigation.

Fast to navigate. See alerts, activity, priority, and your pipeline across beautiful views.

Make it work for you.

Customize notifications, priorities, views and schedules to create the most actionable project sync for you.


Saved filters

Create and save views inside of your pipeline that make sense to you.

board: mobile, service tickets

type: bugs

pr-status: open

Issue history & activity

Understand trends in how issues move across your pipeline.

Tags, notes, search and organize

Create tags, notes, links, and priorities outside of Jira and Github for personal use.


"This is exactly what frontline managers need to save time in their day while becoming more effective managers."
Aaron Nunley
Sr. Engineering Manager
"I can see what's happening across 3 teams, and save 15% of my time daily. More insight for stand ups, and a lot less 1:1 check ins throughout the day."
James Schindler
Engineering Manager
"This automates the parts of my workflow I hate, like combing through Jira. Helps me be more proactive instead of reactive."
Aaron Craig
‍Engineering Manager


Empower your workflow


  • Connect 1 Jira project board
  • 1 Dashboard
  • Unlimited repos
  • Standard configuration
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  • Connect up to 10 Jira project boards
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited repos
  • Custom configuration
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do I need to be a Jira Admin?

    In most instances, yes. If you have admin access to your Jira Cloud or Github, it will take you less than 2-min to get set up. Once tools are connected, you won't have to reconnect unless you delete the connection and want to re-add.

    Does Staat store my Jira/Github data?

    No! All integration APIs are read-only right now. The only action Staat takes on your accounts are those necessary to read updates made by your team. Read more about security here.

    What security measures does Staat have in place?

    We've built Staat on Google Cloud's infrastructure. The data we do store is hosted in data centers that are SOC 2, ISO 270001, and HITRUST compliant. Read more about security here.

    What tools can I connect to Staat?

    Currently, you can connect your Jira Cloud and connected Github repos.
    You can also suggest your preferred tool here:

    Will Staat support my custom swimlanes?

    Yes. Staat automatically adapts to how you’ve set up your project management systems and processes.

    Does Staat work with scrum or kanban workflows?

    Both. We've built Staat to work with both scrum and kanban workflows. If your team is running both workflows in different ways, we got you.

    Is Staat VC-backed?

    To date, Staat is 100% bootstrapped. This is because we want to make sure we build a product that offers immense value to our users. If/when we raise money, it will be with partners that understand our vision for Β data-enabled collaboration tools and user-protection.

    Where can I submit a feature request or ask a question?

    You can either submit bugs and feature requests via this form, or send us a DM on Twitter.
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