See where your engineering team is stuck without the work

Effortlessly see where engineering work is stuck, unstuck, and why - fast.
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Connects with:
Github Staat Integration
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Quick insight for busy managers


Your high-level information hub

Staat aggregates, organizes, and diagnoses information from tools like Jira and Github so you can focus on what matters.

  • Incredibly easy set up
  • Skip the manual labor of digging across tools
  • Stay in sync despite being busy


Expose where bottlenecks are

Staat surfaces previously unseen issues to help you see exactly where work gets stuck and why it happened.

  • See what's stalled and why
  • See what needs your action and support
  • Surface unplanned work
  • See issues with a spike in comments
  • See team capacity limits (coming soon)


Configure to your work standards

Surface previously unseen issues and know how to take action from one place. See exactly when work gets stuck and why it happened.

  • Set stale parameters
  • Use filters to narrow and investigate issues
  • Set custom schedules and work hours
  • Select comment activity alerts

Staat is yours - built for quickness, proactiveness, maximization, less ambiguity and better daily flow.

Staat - stay in sync


Bottlenecks exposed


Avg. set up time


Avg. time gained back in your day


Integrate the tools you use already.

Staat integrates seamlessly with your existing tools in under 3 minutes. Plug in to see across multiple project boards and code repositories.

Connects with:
Github Staat Integration
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Aaron Nunley
Sr. Engineering Manager
"This is exactly what frontline managers need to save time in their day while becoming more effective managers."
James Schindler
Engineering Manager
"I can see what's happening across 3 teams, and save 15% of my time daily. More insight for stand ups, and a lot less 1:1 check ins throughout the day."
Aaron Craig
Engineering Manager
"This automates the parts of my workflow I hate, like combing through Jira. Helps me be more proactive instead of reactive."

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