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  • 1 dashboard
    Up to 6 data source connections
  • Standard schedule
  • Unlimited notifications


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  • Unlimited dashboards
    Up to 17 data source connections
    Data Sources are platforms or applications (i.e. project boards, code repositories, etc) that store your data. Connect your Data Sources with Staat to establish Data Source Connections for your dashboards.
  • Custom schedules
  • Unlimited notifications
    Custom dashboard configuration
    Saved filters


A single source of truth at scale.
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  • Everything in Startup +
    Up to 50 data source connections

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Pricing questions

What is a Data Source?

Data Sources are platforms or applications (i.e.- Jira, Github, Google Calendar *coming soon*) that store your data. You connect these to your overall account.

Can I use 1 data source connection across multiple dashboards and it count as 1 data source connection on my plan?

No. Example - if you connect 1 Jira project board to 3 different Staat dashboards, it counts as 3 data source connections in your plan.

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and use Stripe to process payments. You will receive digital invoices by email every month.

What is a Data Source Connection?

A Data Source Connection is an integration from your Data Source (a project board, code repository, calendar - coming soon, etc) to your Staat dashboard(s).  

Can I switch from a monthly to a yearly plan?

Sure thing! When you're ready, contact us and your account will be updated for the next calendar month.

What happens if I delete my account?

If you have a free account, your account will immediately delete. If you are on our paid account - you will only be charged for the days your account was active for that month.




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