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Making engineering teams more effective, happier, and powerful together.

Progress Management

At Staat we believe engineering management can be fulfilling and magical. The idea of "Progress Management" is driven by both a hard strategy for people management and a reinvention of reporting tools for managers.

To help bring this to life, these are the foundational and evolving ideas Staat is built on.



Drive with clarity: using Middle Metrics™ to see more clearly

Confident and successful management starts with having the right visibility. Removing the need for hacked solutions, writing scripts, and extraneous meetings to gain the insight needed to be productive.

De-weaponize analytics:  designing with fairness and objectivity at the core.

Visibility analytics when used well/empathetically can empower, not entrap, individual contributors. Software teams where everyone is empowered, in sync, and objective can unlock their true potential. Visibility tools should hold this value at their core.

Removing clutter:  focusing on simplicity first, then fluidity, and finally power.

Tools should be respectful of limited bandwiths and attention spans. Too little data is useless and too much data is paralyzing. Tools should be simple to get started then respond fluidly to the needs and intentions of its user and get more powerful as you go.

Co-creation: building the tool you need not the one we want.

Using past experience as a hypothesis not solution. Putting end user ideas and insight at the helm of planning and roadmap development. Truly building in lock-step with a community of like minds.

Information accessibility: arming the whole team.

Transparency is fundamental to an engaged team. Making the team feel involved rather than obscuring things happening in a room of leads. Give access and visibility to drive active participants vs. an unhappy team that feels surveilled.

Softness as a strategy: using soft skills as a hard strategic advantage.

People management is often considered a "soft skill" and has often gone overlooked and underdeveloped. Reorient people management from a soft, reactive skill to a hard, strategic skillset.

A coaches mindset: thinking about people and building equally.

Good management takes intention, thought, and effort in orchestrating both products to launch and people realizing career potential. Both feed into each other and elevate total organizations. If you don't have this mindset, you won't last.

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Staat is the easiest way to stay updated on what’s going on with your engineering team. Get contextualized, meaningful updates from your everyday tools. All in one simple, beautiful view.

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