Announcing Staat: An automated hub for tracking engineering progress.

Amanda Sabreah
May 31, 2021

Introducing Staat, a simpler, more effective, and more efficient way to clearly see what's happening with your engineering team.

Good management is hard to come by and great management is a rare and precious gift. What separates the good from the great? The ability to focus on strategic orchestration.

After talking to dozens of engineering managers, we found that the most glaring gap in their management was the inability to pull back from granular project management and focus on correlating development, design, and business objectives – strategic orchestration.

Not only are they stuck in the weeds, but the supposed visibility and planning tools available to them do not deliver on their needs.

Our founding team brings diverse backgrounds in product, development, and user research. We've seen first hand how a lack of strategic orchestration and visibility unleash a suite of other problems: inaccurate estimations and planning, manager and developer frustration, wasted time and energy, and cross-functional distrust.

This is why we decided to build Staat. We wanted the same magic you feel when you witness an amazing product to be felt from the inside, from the very people that are designing, building, and managing it. Our vision to empower more product and happier autonomous teams. Our goal is to build tooling that helps engineering managers master strategic orchestration and achieve clarity. Ultimately unlocking the true potential of their team in a world that's moving and changing faster than ever.

Here are the fundamental values that Staat is built on:

  1. Deliver the right data, focus on middle-ground visibility with Middle Metrics
  2. Confident and successful management starts with having the right visibility. Removing the need for hacked solutions, writing scripts, and extraneous meetings to gain the insight needed to be productive.
  3. De-weaponize analytics: designing with fairness and objectivity at the core.
  4. Visibility analytics when used well/empathetically can empower, not entrap, individual contributors. Software teams where everyone is empowered, in sync, and objective can unlock their true potential. Visibility tools should hold this value at their core.
  5. Prioritize great design, focusing on simplicity first, then fluidity, and finally power.
  6. Tools should be respectful of limited bandwidths and attention spans. Too little data is useless and too much data is paralyzing. Tools should be simple to get started then respond fluidly to the needs and intentions of its user and get more powerful as you go.

This is just the beginning of a long journey but we're excited to share our learnings and progress as we go.

Today, you can finally reserve your spot. We're looking for validation & feedback as we iterate to build a tool that makes significant impact.

If you're interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Staat, sign up here and follow us on Twitter. Staat founders: Amanda, David, Paul.

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